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Participate in Dance Workshops such Flamenco Fusion, Stiletto Dance, Veil Technique or Burlesque!

We encorage particpants to get out of their comfort zone and try other kind of dance.

Give back to your comunity!

We, at Per Form Studio, enjoy giving back to our community and from time to time we offer special classes for special causes. Cancer research fundraiser, School Supplies and Toy Drive are some of our favorite causes.

What our students say


If you ever want to ditch your stress and anxiety after a long day of work and dealing with life’s problems, Dancing is your main Fix. And not just dancing anywhere, but dancing at Per-form Studio in Doral. An hour at this studio with great instructors will put you in a better mood, make you sweat and burn major calories, listen to skillfully put together dance songs, and by the end of the class you walk away with a smile on your face and no regrets. Becoming a part of per-form studio doesn’t only bring fit benefits into your life, but also expands your social boundaries by meeting fellow dancers who laugh with you, move along, and enjoy an hour filled with positivity just like you do during the class. The studio not only offers fun and energetic dance work out classes but also offers various styles of dancing workshops so people can explore and learn different types of dances from all around the world. To get fit while working out and dancing with great instructors in a fun filled atmosphere – what can be a better end to your day or even a better beginning to your day, since the studio offers morning classes as well! Come check it out and enjoy your first class for free! It has brought me so much joy, I have been a member for years and always will be the greatest fan!

Maria Krivtsova

My name is Cindy Lozada, I’m 30 years old, a mother to a 15 month old and a full time federal employee.   When I got pregnant I only gain 20 pounds, but after I gave birth I end up gaining 30 pounds.. I went from 145lbrs. To 187lbrs. I was very upset, depress, I couldn’t find anything that will fit me, I felt ugly and even embarrassed to go out with my friends. Until one day I decided that I wanted to start a healthy diet and exercise; I went to the gym a couple of times but it was no fun for me and I was not a happy camper. I looked on Yelp for Zumba classes and I saw Per-Form Studio in Doral with 4.5 stars, I read the comments and all were very positive so I decided to try one day. I sent Sandra Acosta  (the Zumba instructor) an e-mail asking her about the classes, prices and basic information; within 20 minutes she answered my e-mail with all my questions; She invited me to try a free class at the studio.   I went to the class the first day…. The energy was amazing, the music, the rhythm, the lights, everything was amazing, I was able to forget about everything and relax, I was taken away by the music. The same day I became a “Per-Form Studio Dance Freak”.  I went to class 4 times a week for an hour each class. It was amazing!   Sandra Acosta is an outstanding instructor, she is very down to earth, she is a people person, if you are struggling with the steps or choreography she will slow down so you can see her or she will step down and dance right next to you so you can watch her closer.  After 2 weeks of Zumba, Sandra announced that a new class was going to be taking place in the studio, it was call “The Boss Chick Dance Workout”. So I try the class the first day and let me tell you… this class gets the sexy in you! It’s an intense class, you exercise at the rhythm of pop, R&B, and at the end of each class Simone Sober prepares a choreography which is amazing! Simone is full of energy and very charming, if you have a song request she will play it so you can dance to the rhythm of your favorite artist. The Boss Chick Class is a powerful class, you feel sexy, free and amazing in this class.   After 4 months in the Zumba and Boss Chick Class I have lost 30 pounds and I’m feeling great, confident, sexy and full of energy again. Per-Form Studios is like a home to me, it’s the only place I feel free, I can dance, laugh, scream and have fun. You have to come and try it, you won’t regret it. You will feel the energy as soon as you walk in.. and when the music starts.. you will discover a new world.. A ZUMBA WORLD!

Cindy Lozada

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"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way."

Wayne Dye